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» UCF Status: Update

Posted on 241504.20 @ 12:06 by Captain Paul Errsi in Out of Character

As of now, we're expecting the sites to be back up on or around Thursday.

- Paul

» UCF Status: Sites Down

Posted on 241504.20 @ 11:51 by Captain Paul Errsi in Out of Character

It looks like the hosting for UCF has been allowed to lapse, suspending all sites in the fleet *except* Enterprise. We're on a different domain, so we experienced this three months ago.

We are currently attempting to fix the situation, and expect it to be resolved shortly. If you are in contact with anyone else through the fleet via email or other means, please communicate this to them.

Just hang tight, be calm and we'll pass along more information as we have it.

- Paul

» Happy New Year!

Posted on 241501.02 @ 01:05 by Captain Paul Errsi in General News

Welcome to 2415 everyone! (Okay, okay, we know it's 2015. That isn't a typo.)

Look for the new plot posting this next week and let's start logging.

Also, if you all will welcome back Lieutenant Jael Tilara. Our former Counselor has come on to help the CO with all of the paperwork running a ship like ours. :)

Angelus has also asked me to forward on a message about song suggestions for a video for Enty. Send in your votes so we can know what you all think. You've got two weeks...and you can suggest songs that aren't on the list below.






Now go start a log with someone you haven't written with one-on-one lately! :)

- Paul

» Passing the Torch

Posted on 241411.10 @ 02:12 by Captain Paul Errsi in SIM Announcement

Attention all hands,

As many of you have seen the announcement about Andrew's stepping down as head of UCF, I am sad to announce that the same applies for our SIM. As of Stardate 241411.10, I have assumed all responsibilities as Commanding Officer of the Enterprise due to General Archer's departure.

From UCF and UCIP before it, I have found myself writing with or near Andrew for most, if not all, of my simming career. His vision for Enterprise and UCF have placed an indelible mark on the story we continue to tell today, both as an organization and as a crew. How many of us can say we directly influenced so many stories of others for good, even on a plane like this virtual world?

We draw joy and even hope from telling these tales and being in community with one another. Andrew helped create that community for us, and now he's handed it to us to do with as we choose. On behalf of the entire Enterprise crew: past, present and future, we give more than any medal, ribbon or award could bring.

We give our grateful thanks, and our friendship.

Andrew, as another Captain of the Enterprise once said: In the best maritime tradition, we wish you clear horizons...and many happy returns to this family whenever you have the ability to do so. May you boldly go and find much that brings you joy.

Make it so.


Captain Paul Errsi
Commanding Officer
CSS Enterprise

» Sim Theme Song.

Posted on 241411.08 @ 09:48 by Lieutenant Nicholas Moore in Out of Character

Its me again! I would like to have people give options for a theme song for the sim, in which I can put up on the main page. It won't be a link it will be a player that I can set to automatically start playing when anyone looks at the site. It will ONLY play so long as you're on the main page.

Gimmie some ideas, and we can have a vote up for them. Also, Admins in order to do this I need my user access increased.


Update: Since Paul pointed it out, I'd like to clearify. I can set it so the player is there and you have to his play to listen to it, not it just always starting when you go to the page. He also suggested maybe a new enty video and use the song we all end up choosing. Regardless of what route, the suggestions and then us voting will still be have to be done. :)

Latest Mission Posts

» Resistance

Mission: The Blind
Posted on 241507.01 @ 00:38 by Lieutenant Melinda Wolfe & Lieutenant Sekaya Morak

Melinda wasn't use to the new ship yet. Though despite regulation she did not go to the ships sickbay for the post ship evaluation for joining the ship. She had met David through the medical department. Ok well not really through the medical department on their first meeting.

Melinda smiled…

» Plot Log - Floodgates

Mission: The Blind
Posted on 241506.24 @ 08:29 by Commander Amanda Duquesne & Captain Paul Errsi & Lieutenant Colonel Morgan "Valkyrie" D'varo & Lieutenant Nicholas Moore & Lieutenant Cameron Neelwey & MACO Captain Timothy Cummings & Chief Petty Officer Lesedi Vo

=/\= CSS Enterprise =/\=

Expecting to see the familiar walls of the Transporter Room, Paul blinked as they materialized back on the Bridge...then remembered the protocols for moving Command Personnel and their parties during Red Alert situations. "Man your stations," he ordered to the away team before heading for his…

» "Bomber Mission: On the Edge"

Mission: The Blind
Posted on 241506.24 @ 08:28 by Commander Amanda Duquesne & Captain Paul Errsi & MACO Captain Timothy Cummings

=/= Deck 14, XBS 312 Bomber Squadron Launching Bays... =/=

As the Three Twelve got ready to launch, last checks were done. Weapons were hot, phasers were charging, intelligence pods were coming on line, blast shields behind the Barracudas were up and ready to deflect the hot ionized gases expelled…

» What to do about Neelwey and Q?

Mission: The Blind
Posted on 241506.16 @ 23:35 by Captain Paul Errsi & Lieutenant Sekaya Morak

=/\= Enterprise Sickbay =/\=

Sekaya was sat in her office looking at Neelway's human physical form and his form now to figure out what she could do to change him back, it gave her more of a headache than it would if Neelway would just apologise to Q.

Sekaya got…

» SD 241505.06 Lt. Moore & Cmdr Duquesne Joint Log

Mission: The Blind
Posted on 241506.14 @ 10:27 by Commander Amanda Duquesne & Lieutenant Nicholas Moore

=/= Deck 5, Recreation Deck (Upper Level), Officer's Mess =/=

Nicholas knew what times, mostly that Amanda went to eat, usually not really going out of the way to do so either. It wasn't like Nick was making sure to be there when she was, he wasn't actually. This time…

Latest Personal Logs

» A Series of Unfortunate Events

Posted on 241310.15 @ 21:31 by Lieutenant Jael Tilara

"SD241310.2 If the first day was fruitless, and yesterday was unfortunate, today was downright dreadful. It was today that I was told that Captain Errsi was last seen on holodeck 4, reviewing the Earth incident and proposed lines of approach, so to the holodecks I went. Locating the holodeck in…

» An Unfortunate Event

Posted on 241310.14 @ 22:08 by Lieutenant Jael Tilara

"SD241310.2 Yesterday proved fruitless in my attempts to report to Commander Errsi. So today, I redoubled my efforts...
The turbolift whirred as it carried Jael to the bridge, the last place the acting captain was purported to be. As the door slid open, her eyes scanned the room, landing…

» Stardate 241310.1 - A New Arrival

Posted on 241310.13 @ 23:49 by Lieutenant Jael Tilara

The activity on Nimitz and Enterprise seemed as if a beehive had been thrown into a hornet's nest, buzzing and chaotic, and resulting in a stinging barb if the wrong occupant was disturbed. Lieutenant Junior Grade Jael Tilara was perhaps the only one on either base or ship who was…

» Interesting Turns of Events

Posted on 241310.01 @ 22:41 by Commander Amanda Duquesne

=/= Deck 5, Amanda's Quarters =/=

Amanda came in to her quarters unzipped her uniform jacket and threw it on the couch over near the medium sized window that looked out onto space. The ship was still in orbit of Starbase Nimitz and the Engineering and Operations crews, at least…

» Stardate 241302.03

Posted on 241302.03 @ 19:55 by Captain Paul Errsi

First day on Enterprise was a pretty full one. The XO, Commander Duquesne, was there to greet me on the transporter pad, and she showed me around what is an amazing ship. I'll admit, using a singularity as a power source seems much riskier to me than any of our…